One University, Many Stories

Thursday, January 30, 2020

At Convocation and in some of my earliest messages, I talked about the importance of people and their stories. Ours is a university rich in voices and experiences. And listening to you and learning your stories is something I’ve been doing a lot of since I became San Francisco State University’s 14th president last summer. I’ve spent the past months asking you — our students, faculty and staff — to tell me about your challenges, your successes and your hopes for the University.

You all have been incredibly generous in sharing with me your time and insights. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about San Francisco State and its unique role in the Bay Area. I discuss many of these lessons in a new video that’s just been posted to our SF State YouTube channel. I hope you’ll watch it and share even more of your stories with me.



Despite all I’ve learned, I’m sure the future holds many more lessons for me. I’ll be looking to you and our entire University community to teach me those lessons as we work collaboratively toward the goal we all share: making SF State as inclusive, as effective and as transformative as we know it can be.

Best wishes for a fulfilling spring semester,

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Lynn Mahoney, Ph.D.